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Hello, my name is currantbun and I am a…


Yarn addict ? No actually. I am being very good. I can honestly say that I have very little in the way of “stash” and the majority of what I do have stored up has all been bought for specific projects, a large number of which are under way (I have 11 things “on the needles” at the moment, some of which only need some small finishing touches). I’ve always been reasonably good in fact. The stash that I gave away last November was mainly remains of balls, odds and ends, leftovers.

No, my problem it would appear is fabric. I seem to be buying it at a faster rate than I can actually use it.

First there was this

september 2009 036

Not quite sure how you’d describe this, except that it’s not black…which I guess for me is quite a departure…  But then when I saw it drying after washing before use…I had second thoughts. It’s a bit summery and I’d just spent the afternoon I bought it kicking through leaves in Leamington…so I cut out the Rob Ryan skirt instead…but that is on hold whilst I try and sort out some darts front and back as I am erm, curvy

Then last week whilst walking through John Lewis, thinking about “Talk Like a Pirate Day” I heard something calling out to me and £10 later I had 2 metres (150cm wide) of this

september 2009 027

Which will be making a skirt for me and by request from Spider when he saw it (“what are you making me Mummy”) for a “something”.

Cutting out a muslin for the Jolly Roger skirt I realised that my fabric scissors were “shot” (and also that an A line skirt with a drawstring waist is not a good shape for me) so I bought some new ones at Mo’s in Rugby who also managed to relieve me of £9.98 for this drop dead gorgeous Alexander Henry fabric.

september 2009 031

I have a sneaking suspicion that I don’t sew, I just collect fabric…


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is currantbun and I am a…

  1. Ahh I think a lot of sewers I like that, they sew because they feel they have to do ‘something’ with their vast fabric collection! I have that small skull print, I used it to make pillowcases, I love the one with the flowers to!

    Boy Lacer points out now if we’ve been shopping and we haven’t been to a fabric shop!

  2. Its all in the genes !! Blood will out.

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