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I am bored…

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Been finishing things…would prefer to be starting things. I don’t have stash cos I have no self control and I just start things spontaneously and have no staying power to finish things off… anyway I have almost finished the tea cosy I started in february – it would have been finished a long time ago if I had some wadding on hand.

If I can find my teeny tiny buttons I would finish off the booties – which I no longer have anyone to give to as the recipient is now close to about 9 months old.  The bat shawl I finally finished last night but have to knit the cast off row off and do it less tight so that it will block properly.

I have wire earings to finish off but don’t have the parts yet – I have a half made skirt which I am too scared to finish as I need to put darts in…I have just bought a pattern to do a hoodie for Spider with the skull and crossbones material, only its far too difficult – I showed Mum and she just said “yes, Burda patterns are quite difficult to follow”. I have plans to use the rest of it on a drawstring A line skirt but the muslin version I did looked foul so I need to find a new pattern…

I have a jumper to finish off (for me) I have a scarf (Lily Chin reversible cable, so soft so lovely t) to finish off.

I need to get some organisation in life and start finishing things

But most of all I need to tidy the house, because I can’t think with all this junk lying around…

Apologies, am on the edge of a meltdown because I haven’t done anything housework related for awhile and the house is really looking a mess…I think I need to get rid of my family for a bit so I can clear the decks.

I’m not really bored, I’ve just got far too many things on work related, house related, craft, everything really that I don’t know where to start


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One thought on “I am bored…

  1. I’m the same, I’ve got a million things I could be doing (specially considering I’ve just signed up for a craft fair in November and I have absolutely no stock) but everything is a mess and I never know where anything is, would love a studio where I could just shut the door and a clone of me.

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