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Dead Cat

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There are cat body parts all over my dining room table. Before you call the RSPCA I should point out that they belong to the teacosy I have been not finishing since Christmas. I went to Mo’s fabric in Rugby again and to stop me buying any more fabric (I could sooo buy the whole shop) I bought lots of bits to finish off all the things I’ve been not finishing off because I hate finishing things…I love starting things. Starting things leaves you feeling full of optimism, finishing things makes me feel miserable because all that “new promise” suddenly seems badly misplaced.

Anyway the cat isn’t bad…he’s got a kind of mischievous grin to him due to wonky embroidery on the face. I haven’t yet finished him though as I got bored and went and made carbonnara and muffins at the same time, which sounds a bit super mum with all that multi tasking but truthfully I think the muffins may be truly awful…testing on Spider tomorrow. Posting on Appetite after as I’ve been maxing out on bananas…but still have my “plum” and “damson” posts to finish off.


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