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I made a start on the Shipwrecked shawl from Spring 2009 Knitty. Displacement knitting as there were other things I should be getting on with like the tangerine wateraid cardigan for Julia.

Anyway I was motoring through it as it’s quite a fast and addictive knit when suddenly, on row 23 of the Madeira section of the shawl I realised I’d missed out row 19 which unfortunately is quite a striking part of the pattern (you do a yo k2 together all the way round which gives you a circle of small holes all the way round).

To make things worse I was in a hurry, about to go to a party with Spider so I pulled the needle out and decided to unravelled it that way instead of carefully knitting back 5 or so rows. Being a bit too enthusiastic I dropped rather a lot of stitches, made a right dogs breakfast of it and couldn’t find my place again.

Due to impatience I’ve ended up having to go back to row 1 of the pattern and wasted about 4 days in the process (2 days work, 2 days sorting out). So deciding that it was probably retribution from the knitting gods I’ve dug out the tangerine nightmare and have spent the evening trying to knock that into some shape to appease the gods.

I do have some finished knitting to write about but I need some good light to take a picture – and besides it’s more topical towards the end of the week.


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