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My husband “ordered” me to go to John Lewis. But more of that later.

Yesterday I joined the library or rather I  joined another library. I am already a fully paid up and enthusiastic member of Warwickshire library I just don’t get to use it very often due to my commuting. So when the libraries announced that they were going to band together so that you could use one authorities card in other libraries I was straight down to Reading Central the first opportunity I got to find out whether they were a partner in this scheme.

The answer was “no” not yet. Not been implemented yet. But they were able to offer me a non resident membership instead (which they couldn’t last time I tried to join back in 2002) and if I go back with documentation proving both name and address I get to take out 20 books instead of 2…

I took out In Stitches:Amy Butler in the hope it might inspire me for Christmas. Having persuaded everyone I know to join me in a handmade Christmas I suddenly realised that there is no-way I can knit for everyone and I can’t rely on food gifts either as that will be a lot of last minute work due to “shelf life” of cooked presents, I need to expand my handmade repertoire.

The problem is that my sewing experience is “limited” and you only get better by “doing” and at the moment I am stalled on a clothkits skirt that needs darts…I may be taking it round to Mum at the weekend for a tutorial. (I also have Sew:Cath Kidston on reserve)

What I can do however is make curtains…which brings me back to John Lewis and my mad husband.

My husband called just after lunch yesterday and asked me to go to John Lewis to buy some bulbs. Having spent the last year cursing the electrician for doing a duff job on fitting the kitchen spotlights (half of them don’t work and you can never predict which ones will come on) Husband came to the conclusion that it might not be the fittings but the bulbs and searching the internet found that the cheapest ones were at John Lewis who have branches on Reading and High Wycombe and “can you stop off at one of these and buy 8 please”

So there I was let loose in John Lewis in High Wycombe at 6.30pm yesterday – fortunately for our bank balance they have a limited haberdashery there (and no wool) as its aimed more at soft furnishings and interiors – so I contented myself with a good nose around and buying a yard stick and a playmobil tomb robber.

Spotted some fabulous dinosaur curtain material at £6.90 per metre but fortunately didn’t have the window dimensions for Spider’s room with me. Unfortunately the bulb was the wrong size and I had to take it back after work…and this time I did know how much material I need to buy.


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One thought on “Yay

  1. I need to get round to making curtains to.

    As for the Amy Butler book, I have that, I’m planning on making the cat tunnel thing for Christmas.

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