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Unproductive scuppered mojo


I have not been having a very good month. Apart from one item, which if you are very good I will show you  tomorrow (actually good doesn’t come into it, all I need is decent light for a photograph), everything I have touched this month has gone wrong.

First there was the skirts or rather lack of them. I am trying to produce at least one skirt a month (skirts are relatively easy and I might actually wear a home made one). I started well, although Minnie Mouse actually took two months to do and then the leopard print elastic one was done at the beginning of september. I then started the clothkits skirt, took fright when I cut it out a bit small and then had to put darts in, so that went on hold whilst I attempted  a drawstring A line which looked like a bag – so here am I with only 2 days of October left.

I’ve been making a long cable scarf for a friend in NZ, that’s on the back burner as I had to knit back after spotting one of my cables had gone the wrong way – and remembered that its summer in NZ at the moment so it would make a pretty pointless christmas present. On the shipwreck scarf I’m still unravelling it following missing out a row.

And then there’s this scarf I’m knitting out of alpaca which I’ve had to unravel about 5 times as it just wasn’t looking right…It was only last night that I realised its cos I’d copied the pattern down wrong…

Oh and its my Dad’s birthday shortly. Having messed up his present I thought of an alternative, bought a few extra things needed to make it, and then chickened out of making it due to shortness of time and lack of confidence. So I am now back making the original idea which fortunately is going pretty well now, and being knitted means that I can take it with me tomorrow when I’m out and about hunting dinosaurs with Spider and his cousins.

Then in the evening tomorrow I might have a moment to carve a jack o lantern (ok I’ll admit it I’m scared of shar knives) and maybe make a very very quick skirt for a party – thank god I did manage to make a cake this evening and not mess it up.

I know what the problem is here – I’m trying to do everything at once and doing it badly. I have however already analysed the issue and have a rescue plan in place, on saturday early before cooking a birthday dinner over at my parents I am picking up an old computer table which is going to become my “work table”, a pin board and a notebook – it probably won’t work but for the moment dreaming that I may one day become organised, is making me happy…as is knitting with alpaca…


Author: 5currantbuns

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2 thoughts on “Unproductive scuppered mojo

  1. Ah, for a work table! I use our ‘dining room’ table, although we don’t have a dining room and before I started work on a T-shirt yesterday, I had to clear everyone else’s junk off it, as per usual.

    Good luck for the organisation!

    • I too am using the dining room table but it is used as a dumping ground for “stuff” so I’m constantly having to clear junk too – after I’ve done that I lose the desire to do the sewing
      Looking forward to seeing T-shirt

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