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FO: Wa na na na na na na na


It’s official. Im a klutz. I should be ordered to stay away from all craft making stuff and drummed out of the make and do club.

I had not thought I could get anything else wrong. But no, I had not the sense to steer clear from the sewing machine despite the fact I was obviously suffering from bad sewing karma. Having issued myself a challenge to sew a skirt a month, my heck I was going to meet that challenge, despite having had a very tiring day yesterday with my SiL, my nice and nephew and Spider…and on getting home another traumatic hour treating Spider for nits (Husband has shaved his own hair off as his way of dealing with the problem.

I planned to do a very silly Halloween handkerchief skirt (Sew What Skirts) which I figured I could whip up in 2 hours flat…everything that could go wrong did go wrong

Things I have learnt:  If you are going to cut a hole in the centre of a square of material, make sure you have measured your hips correctly…the positives from this situation is that at least my hips are not actually the 48 inches I thought they were yesterday, oh and Spider has  scored a cape for next year if he wants to dress up…

Fortunately some things have gone right this month, chief amongst them being this christmas present knitted for a friend who doesn’t read Being Frank (but does read Appetite) so I can tell you that the yarn is pure wool and cost £1.50 for 400g from a charity shop

october 2009 029

Pattern: Wa na na na Bat Shawl

Needles: 3.35mm (you need to use a circular as there are a lot of stitches)

Yarn: 4ply Rowan, pure wool, black (claims the label) probably vintage

New: lace knitting from a chart

I am very pleased with this… and would quite like one myself in the new year probably and maybe not even in black. Quite a few people who have knitted this have added an extra row of bats at the top and I would have gone down this route too if I hadn’t run out of wool. I had to cast off in black acrylic as I ran out just after the last pattern row. I don’t think you can tell and besides it gives the cast off a nice stretchy feel.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “FO: Wa na na na na na na na

  1. Missed you by less than 10 minutes ;-(

  2. PS thought that picture was a mighty large pair of knickers!

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