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FO: Blue Eyed Boy

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In the town my Dad was born in they describe someone as having “blue and white eyeballs” if they are a supporter, a true supporter of the local football team. And believe me, my Dad has blue and white eyeballs…he also has blue eyes…and possibly a tiny red rose in his heart (!).

Its his birthday round about this time of year, and really the only present he wants is for his favourite football team to actually win every game for the rest of the season – something that is not in my gift. So instead I gave him a scarf which as he pointed out is not quite the right shade of blue, but it is as soft as butter, made of alpaca and will be deeply comforting when his team are as usual come the end of season, flirting with the relegation zone !

october 2009 032The yarn I originally bought for me when spending my birthday money in Iknit earlier in the year, but I can’t honestly think what to do with it. I had 3 skeins. This took two so maybe in January I make myself a Ripley with the remaining ball…although I think the colour will be better on Dad, I don’t wear a lot of blue – lets face it I don’t wear a lot of anything except black. Maybe that should be my new year resolution, introduce more colour into my life.

The details are

Needles: 5.5mm (tension not important)

Yarn: Artesano Aran (alpaca and wool 50:50)

Pattern: Palindrome

New: I have never spent so much money per square inch of knitted product before – this was not a cheap scarf ! Oh and never cabled so much before and for so long…


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