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I had a child free evening. It was parent’s evening at the school and  my lovely Mum invited Spider to have a sleep over (Spider is doing fine, thank you for asking). We tried to be romantic, but it’s a bit difficult when you know that dinner is actually leftovers…

After we’d stopped being romantic I remembered I had plans…

As mentioned in recent posts attempts at doing something else other than knitting were not going to well so before risking my lovingly chosen material on something that in all probability I would mess up, I have been experimenting with reclaimed fabric. In this instance its a blue canvas material which in a previous life was a bathroom blind…and apart from the fact its faded at one end is exactly the same as the material I’d just bought.

So I’ve washed the blind and ironed it and cut out all the pieces I need to make a bag from Bags, Bags, Bags : Dorothy Wood making up will have to wait though as I can’t find grosgrain ribbon anywhere in Leamington Spa – besides I wanted to get back to being romantic with my Husband, it’s not often we get an evening together alone !

Hopefully I will finish it tomorrow…I haven’t messed up yet, but there is still time…


Author: 5currantbuns

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