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I pulled out of the family trip to hunt for Lewis Hamilton at Brooklands today pleading tiredness. And it is true I am so tired by the weekend that I could happily sleep for 48 hours – it’s the commuting that takes it out of me.  I managed about half and hour before I felt compelled to get up and do the ironing…there’s 2 weeks worth…

I finished just in time for silence at 11am so decided I had earned the right to 30 minutes sewing, trying to finish off my roller blind bag and here it is

november 2009 006

It is very much a learning experience bag. If I do any more I will remember to

  • line the ribbons up at the seam edge so that they meet, before I sew the side seam and the bottom seam
  • only attach the top ribbon with one line of stitching so that the top line of stitching on the ribbon is the row of stitches that attached the lining to the rest of the bag (otherwise you get 2 lines of stitching next to each other
  • be more careful when cutting out to ensure that the panels are the right length
  • read the instructions more carefully
  • Take more care and time over things

The bag as I mentioned before is made out of an old roller blind. The interfacing is some I had left over from a previous project. The 2 ribbons and the handles were new but the cheapest that I could find on line, having failed to source the right handles or grosgrain ribbon of the right dimensions in either Reading, Leamington Spa or Rugby.

You can’t quite tell from the picture but there is a row of 4 pockets on the outside of the bag.

I am feeling quite pleased with myself…not sure if I’m going to do it again as a christmas present though, trying to attach the base of the bag was a real pain.

Right gotta go, the downstairs of the house needs cleaning and the family will be back in 4 hours…


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