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Not a good day…


I tend to say things on this blog that I don’t on Appetite because not many people stop by here who aren’t friends or family. Anyway, I have had a not very good day in Milton Keynes with the males in the family…Teenager has been stropping because his Dad decided we weren’t going to buy a Wii and then decided that no, an Ipod Touch was not happening either…had Teenager’s interest in such a thing been mainly music then it might have been a possibility, but no, he clearly only wants it to play games…so it’s not happening.

To a certain extent also he is suffering from the fact that shortly after buying his older brother an MP3 play in 2004 (Hong Kong, our honeymoon, not cheap) he managed to let it go through the washing machine – also the Teenager has managed to break rather a lot of phones and my canon dig camera 300D.

Spider was also playing up as he is already wound up about christmas… the next 40 days or so is not going to be pleasant as he keeps saying “I want” and I keep saying “no”

But the worst thing it that the sodding nits are back…only I must be doing something right as a mother as it’s not Spider that has them this time it’s me and possibly Husband…I am not happy.

Oh, and I wanted to do a bit of cross stitch this evening but have misplaced my hoop – what I want to play around with requires a smaller hoop anyway so I may be spending money in John Lewis in Reading tomorrow, JL in Milton Keynes didn’t sell them at all !

Off to bed in a grump – also managed to mess up my evening G&T

*This post just hilights how consumerist things are, and I am sad that the present side of things has been discovered by Spider so far in advance of what christmas is meant to be about which is celebrating being with family (and God if you beleive, but then winter solstice was celebrated by the pagans before that…)


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2 thoughts on “Not a good day…

  1. If it’s any consolation, I think it’s fairly common, extreme grottiness in reception children in the run up to Christmas, they get tired from school and need a holiday about a month before the rest of us. You get the same effect in year 1 but their stamina is a little better, so they don’t turn into nightmares until December.

  2. Ach honey, I’m sorry! Hope things have been better today.



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