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FO: Christmas Decoration Scarf

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I am actually quite proud of this. Inspiration for this came from someone elses scarf which is actually lots and lots of different pompoms joined together. This gave me the idea of using up lots of bits of wool and creating a paperchain. Of course when you float around the net you discover that its already been done so I did end up following a pattern.  But the combination of colours is my choice, partly dictated by what I had in my (small) stash and partly by the chocolate brown coat of Flapjack Queen.

Pattern: From someone elses blog will add the link later I’m feeling lazy

Needles: 4 mm

Yarn:  Leftover Toft Farm Alpaca DK (brown),  1 ball of red 100% wool, DK from charity shop, orange leftover acrylic DK and 1 ball of 4ply golden yellow Rowan wool bought specially for the scarf as it seemed too short and the yellow went well.

New: nothing, but it did remind me how much I really really hate sewing things up. If you hat making up too then this really isn’t the project for you.

I was lucky enough to be there the first time she wore it (not surprising since I’d just given it to her) as we walked to do the school pickup and was so pleased by how much she liked it and the compliments she got on it…a cynic would say that perhaps that’s why I gave it to her on the way to collect the children, but honest it was the first chance all week I’d had to give her the scarf as I’d only finished it the night before !


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