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Normally when I have an unexpected day of freedom I end up tidying the house, because sad to report it does make me happy to have some sort of order in my life.  Last monday was to be different. OK I did anticipate perhaps a bit of tidying as this was the state of my “work table”Not good. All down to trying to do too much at once due to a sense of panic that I am not going to get everything done by Christmas – so time to take stock, organise, prioritise and do some of the stuff that cannot be done at work or travelling by train.

So I took a day off on monday to tidy a small corner of the house and to start finishing things off and planning christmas, from scratch this year as I’ve lost my “5currantbun’s Handy Christmas Planning” book (mainly the christmas card list), except I didn’t do any of this.

Instead I sat on the sofa with a poorly boy who didn’t want to do anything much except cuddle and watch some DVD’s. It was a highly enjoyable day as Spider is very good company, even when he’s ill, probably more so when he’s ill as he has more of a tendency to do as he’s told then, so I get less cross…I also did a lot of knitting, unfortunately not Christmas knitting, as I’d just remembered that it was Flapjack Queen’s birthday…immenently !

Anyway, kind Husband took pity on me on Saturday and took the boys Christmas shopping to Leicester and left me with orders to “do what you want to do”  and no, that was not the cleaning (I have that to do now when I finish wasting time on the net). So I have a tidy desk, I’ve finished a few things, planned a few things, have a new card list and the first batch of cards in the post.

More importantly I am feeling, calm, serene and dare I say it, a bit more organised…I am also feeling poorly due to cuddling on sofa for 12 hours with a boy with a runny nose.


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