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FO: Tri Peaks Challenge Hat

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A long time ago, when Husband and I were younger and before Spider, we used to climb mountains together. Some of our friends still do (last one I climbed totally was Tryfen at 3 months pregnant, have managed half of a mountain on 2 occasions since, one of which we had to abandon as we went massively off route and climbed the wrong mountain…).

This hat is for the wonderful Hairy Scarey Uncle Andy, who has spent the last few years getting his mountain leader qualifications as he’d rather be up mountains for a job.  I’m toying with the slightly silly idea of attaching flags to each peak and a small roped up climber….but then again perhaps not !

The important stuff

Pattern: one of the fabulous  Woolly Wormhead’s free patterns

Yarn: Patons Inca (from Jackson’s 3 balls in the sale)

Needle: 5mm circ

New: crochet bind off which creates the peaks and the seams


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

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