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Today I became a fully paid up member of the court of make and do, all hail prit stick, bacofoil and sticky back plastic.

The letter said “Your child Spider has been allocated the role of an angel in the school’s upcoming Christmas performance. Please ensure that they have a costume available at school no later than 9th December”. My first thought was “wow, that’s a major bit of miscasting”, my second thought was “what the heck does a boy angel wear”.

Tonight I set to, in true Blue Peter fashion. OK so Mum had already done the difficult part, she’s cut holes in a pillowcase and hemmed the edges to stop it fraying and then cut 2 wings out of some white semi polystyrene flexible packaging membrane and then sent it home with Spider with instructions to us to “stiffen the wings somehow”.

The unstiff wings sat there on the table for over a week waiting for someone to give them a bit of body, and tonight with less than 12 hours to go I finally tackled them…except I took a detour first, being as I am the queen of procrastination, and fashioned a halo out of white card and baco foil, but then when I could avoid it no longer I turned my mind to how to stiffen the wings and the solution came by accident when looking in the wrapping paper drawer for the sellotape. You see out house is, to put it mildly, still a little bit disorganised, so I was not at all surprised to find in with the wrapping paper some garden wire, used for tying up plants and attaching to walls for plants to climb up.

So I have created a wire framework and stuck it in between the 4 membrane wings and then stuck the whole lot together with sellotape and very tacky glue, which claims to dry clear, if not Spider is going to look like a butterfly with lots of swirls and dots on his wings.

The real difficult bit has yet to come. Now we have to attach the wings to the pillowcase. Fortunately Husband used to be married to someone who was no stranger to sticky back plastic etc and he brought to the marriage a whole host of strange things that she left behind, including some sticky backed velcro strips…but I might leave that for Mum to attach as Spider has long since gone to bed and I can’t work out where to stick the strips…


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