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FO: The man who has everything


Someone I have known almost forever has a special birthday coming up. Of course for special birthdays you want special presents, usually this involves several of you joining together… in case this has involved writing a cheque and leaving it to him to put the money towards something he really wants.

However, I don’t feel right about giving someone a cheque for their birthday, it is immensely practical but it does seem a bit impersonal so I have made a “case” for the cheque to go in…it may of course be a good idea for his wife to pre warn him that it may not be a good idea to open it in front of his children unless he fancies explaining what its purpose is.

Also I should point out that it is not meant for wearing. I’ve used Noro Kureyon as it was the only suitable yarn I had at the time, but this is not exactly a soft and gentle yarn and the item in question is designed for a very delicate part of the anatomy !

Pattern: Seamless Willie Warmer

Needles: 4.4mm dpn

Yarn: Noro Kureyon

New: oh, c’mon, need you ask ? Do you really think I make a habit of knitting such things !

In case you are wondering I am intending on sticking the cheque inside the, er “spout”…no matter what size I knitted it I bet he’d claim it was too small, because all males would !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “FO: The man who has everything

  1. Knitted cheques, there’s something new! Assuming I am the wife in question, thanks for the children warning! xx

  2. Yep ! Posting monday now as too long a queue…

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