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Had a lovely day in Birmingham today with my Mum, a gentle day with very little buying in fact. We went in the hope of a german christmas experience (my parents spent their first years of marriage over there) but mainly got crowds and the smell of food frying…we still managed to have a good day.

I came home worn out though and collapsed into a warm bath with an early christmas present from Mum of a Lush bath bomb and found myself crawling into bed at 5.30pm where I lay comatose until the boys got back an hour later.

After being revived with tea and pizza I tried to crack on with the remaining presents that still need finishing and ended up making a real botch of my brother’s present, so much so I’m going to have to start again. It’s a very very small thing but has a very complicated pattern. Anyway decided to switch crafts and finally make a start on something for Husband but that went wrong too…am so glad that I didn’t attempt any of the cooking !

In fact you may have noticed Appetite has been very quiet of late – partly because I’ve had a cold, partly because food presents have to be left until closer to Christmas but mainly because I am afraid of what I have to do, or have told myself I have to do….but that is for another day, probably after Christmas when the gifts have been given !


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