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So here we are, 5 days until Christmas and to be honest I’m not doing too well. I’ve sent some knitted pieces of silliness off to various nice people that I’ve never actually met but as far as gifts to my nearest and dearest are concerned I am not only behind schedule but I’m getting it wrong… very wrong.

Most of my sister in law’s present is OK but foolishly I tried a bit of sewing which took 4 times longer than it should have done and quite frankly it is not very good. Was meant to be delivering the presents tomorrow but I might leave it until next week and see if my sewing “Guru” (aka Mum) can help me sort it out…I also can’t get my neice’s scarf to uncurl so that I can sew it up, will have to block it properly and that’s going to take time to dry.

My other sister in law’s shawl has hit a big snag and Husbands present is currently a ball of wool

So instead here are some bad photos of things that did actually work…

Husband, looking over my shoulder has just poked me on the arm and told me to cheer up, it doesn’t matter, and by the way James May is on telly…


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