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You may wonder why I decided to do a homemade christmas when I have done nothing but bellyache about it for the last few months. Well it was actually fun. A lot of it did go right and turn out surprisingly well, I just haven’t been able to write about it until now as it would spoil the surprise, and some will have to wait until Wednesday after the last batch gets delivered.  The problem, the big problem was I didn’t decide to do it until November and then was basically fighting the clock the whole way and making mistakes as I was rushed.

So, the main reason for handmade/homemade was that we are still broke. It’s better than last year, the debt has been halved we now owe about £10k on cards and the rest of the bank loan – we didn’t like living on credit but there is not a lot you can do when rebuilding your house goes over budget and your husband is made redundant (for 15 months)…next christmas we are having a “we beat the credit crunch” party as we will finally be solvent.

So handmade it was for finance reasons but also I feel things have gone too consumerist. We buy presents for people because we feel we must spend on them. I don’t want that. Husband and his brother have a nice habit of not buying presents for each other every year, presents are only given if the perfect thing is spotted for the other, something that may not be expensive but is right (for example an old Hednesford Hills Mineral water bottle for the one who lives in Cannock). So it was handmade christmas. The most precious thing I have is my time and I have spent it on my loved ones…whether they wanted me to or not !

So this year we are broke. Next year Husband and I will exchange presents. This year he got a box of teabags and this…

He looked at it for a moment. He looked hard. He looked harder and said “it’s a Dudley Bug”…it is meant to be a Trilobite, a type of fossil (for my fossil !) because my husband is a frustrated geologist at heart…and bless him he did wear it out on Christmas day.

I overbought on the yarn, so Christmas eve I cast on Coronet for my brother in law and tried to finish it Christmas Day…but Boxing Day found me knitting furiously with Husband sitting in the car revving the engine.  I finished it on the way to Staffordshire…It was only when Brother in law tried it on and turned the brim up that I realised I knitted it inside out so I snatched it back, unravelled it back to the cabled brim and whilst they went for a walk before dinner I knitted it back the right way.

I don’t know if Brother in law liked it but his better half tried it on and her smile brightened when I said. Shall I make one for you ?…now that made me feel so so happy


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