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Yesterday I did some tidying. An attempt to start the new year in a better organised state than last year. The main thing I tidied up was my WIP’s basket, mainly so it would fit under the bed…although I have been too tired today to think about new year (much as I love the idea of new starts and drawing a line under the old year), I did get some time during December to think about my knitting.

My main aim this year is to have more self control and to finish what I have already started. Prime candidate for this is therefore the orange cardigan that I have  been paid to knit (money to Water Aid) its been on hold for the last month as I am experiencing some problems with the eveness of the stitches.

The second plan is to get more colour into my life. My wardrobe is mainly black. The only time it’s not black is when it’s grey… but that is going to take time to sort out as not only do I have a black sweater to finish and a grey(ish) wrap but just before Christmas I splashed out on a ball of Alpaca to make a hat…and yes, it’s black.

The third aim is the same as last year, to keep trying new things…if nothing else I want to manage a pair of socks before next December.


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