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The house is in chaos, it’s deliberate. As I mentioned before we are trying to get some organisation into our lives this year except in order to do so we have to take bits of the house to pieces…it’s a brief period of pain but so much better when you get through it…a bit like having a tooth removed I guess.

I’m taking the same approach to my works in progress before they turn into longterm UFO’s (unfinished objects). You see most of these things hiding in the basket under my bed just need a bit of tweaking, a bit of finishing off and its the knitting I enjoy, I have no enthusiasm for finishing off.

I have turned it into a game. The rules are that I cannot start anything new unless I finish 2 WIP’s off but it can’t be any random 2 objects it has to be 2 WIPs that form part of a pair.  I have about 10 outstanding things and they quite nicely divide up into 5 big things and 5 little fripperies.  I have allocated each pair a day for being worked on and weekends are “free” in that I either work on whatever one of the 5 sets that I feel enthusiastic about or I tackle some sewing.

Monday was Julia’s sweater. This has stalled because my stitches are uneven and wobbly so I decided to so some experiments with different needles and also tried washing and blocking a sample piece

picture to follow

The good news is that it sorted out the uneven stitching the bad news is that the sweater is not meant to have its ribbed ridges pulled flat…

I also spent some time searching for some buttons for a pair of bootees I knitted last February – guess I need to find a new recipient for them as the planned owner is now a year old !

Tuesday: Experimented with shadow knitting. Making an illusion scarf for a friend’s birthday. This included a cold 30 minutes in the car waiting for Husband to finish work (my fear of icy roads meant we car shared that day). In the evening I tackled the Bear (left over from 2008, originally started in 2005 by Mum) who is finished but all his clothes need sewing up. ..took me an hour to iron all the bits flat.

Wednesday A day at home working but kept getting kicked out of the works website (so many people on it today working remotely) in the intervals whilst waiting to log back in I took the opportunity to unravel my sister in laws shawl. I should point out that was not my original intention. I had planned to try and work out why I kept messing up the pattern but I realised whilst reading the pattern that I actually needed another 3 balls not the 1 ball I thought I needed and besides, none of the online shops seem to stock that shade – oh and it turns out her favourite colour is blue. The frippery for today is a wire rose – couldn’t do anything with that as it needs some leaves and I have no green wire.

Tomorrow is allocated to a cabled scarf (in the shape of DNA) and a pair of earrings – which need me to purchase the fittings and some beads (icy roads predicted, so perhaps not). Friday is a cotton hoodie for Spider, guess I should measure him first, if he’s grown too much I may have to frog that right back too – I stalled on that after undoing a sleeve which I thought I’d got the colour order wrong on, only to discover after I’d done it that I’d been holding it upside down. The hoodie’s partner is a doll from the Knitted Icon’s book, not sure what its going to become, maybe Marilyn Monroe, maybe Abraham Lincoln.

In addition to the above I have a sweater and a shawl for me which also need some work…completing them though is part of the reward for finishing some of the other stuff

In case you are wondering, I am intending to put some of my attempts at homemade presents up on here but unfortunately I forgot to take photographs of most of them so I’m waiting for people to send me some photographs to share with you.


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