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FO: Through the Keyhole and not so square hat

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I have  finished some of the WIPs I was whittering about last week, so if I wanted to, under the rules of the game , I could start something new (I finished both of Tuesday’s items) but instead I shall use the time to work on Julia’s sweater with the option of something new (and small) if I need variety.

Today’s post is about some Christmas knitting and features some better quality photographs than usual as they were taken by Islay my sister in law.

I was a bit worried by the idea of giving handknits as christmas presents to Children. I figured that it would lead to a lot of upset children, so any child who received something made from me also had the back up of something else – usually a WHSmith Voucher. I did take the precaution with Skye and Aran (niece and nephew) of getting Islay to get an idea of what they’d like “so if someone was to knit you a scarf or a hat, what would you like it to look like ?”. The answer was “a scarf like this but bigger” (I was provided with something to copy) and a “square hat with tassles”.

Both presents were recieved with surprising good manners but the vouchers were the real hit.

Skye’s template was a toddler fleecy keyhole scarf in light blue with rounded ends.  I made it out of dark blue in the end and then got cold feet, it was also quite a harsh wool, so I added a light blue softer inside and seamed it like a cushion before tuning it the right way with blanket stitch around the “keyhole”. Also, because it looked quite plain (and it was remembrance day when I knitted it) I added a poppy, which I was also a bit worried about as it wasn’t in the original spec and she is a bit of a tomboy – the ends are rounded by increases/decreases.Pattern: My own, basically a strip of stocking stitch with rounded ends and a keyhole

Needles: 4mm

Yarn: a “superwash” sock yarn(used double) from Lidl (which is not superwash)and a 100% merino DK plus scraps red and black. Unfortunately because of the sock yarn not doing what its meant to the scarf is handwash only

New: Keyhole

The request from Aran for a Square hat with tassles caused a lot of problems at first as I was thinking of something more 3D but Islay eventually explained, “no square, like the one on Being Frank header at the moment” Ah, no problem. Spider’s tiger hat is actually a rounded hat with ears but square upright is easy.

I used a basic rib at the bottom taking stitch measurements for 4yo sizing from another hat and then added a basic square bit of stst . The front piece is a bit wider than the back as I wanted the front to sort of “wrap” round the head. Tassles were added using a half pompom technique by wrapping the yarn round a ruler.

Pattern: My own

Yarn: Patons Diploma Gold (Royal Blue) just over 2 balls – machine washable 40c

Needles: 4mm

New: would you believe the tassel ?

Tomorrow I hope to put something up about the lovely handmade presents I received in return.


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