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FOs: Under the spell of Stitchcraft


I get a lot of my “craft” books from the local libraries, a lot of them go back unused, just looked through and thrown aside but I’ve had a couple of books out since before Christmas on repeat renew as I’ve been working from them to provide presents.

My favourite of the two I have out is Celtic Cross Stitch: Anne Orr & Lesley Clarke unsurprising really as I’ve always had a weakness for celtic style designs, the cross stitch bit is not quite as big a surprise as it would have been this time last year as after my dabbling in it for Mum’s birthday I’ve got quite keen on it…the stupid part was thinking “ooh, I know, it’ll take too long to knit all my christmas presents so why don’t I do some cross stitch for speed”…and then being slightly too ambitious with the chosen items…as a result my brother’s present is still outstanding almost a month after christmas.

I made bookmarks mainly because most of the men in our family read, and actually use bookmarks and (from experience) men tend to prefer  practical presents. I couldn’t find anywhere that sold aida band though (a pre edged band of aida so less risk of fraying) so I bought a kit with similar colours and used that (before I misplaced the silks that is) for this Eagle bookmark for my dad (Dad is into books about romans at the moment and the eagle looked “imperial-ish”)The stitching was fine but the outlining of all the bits was a real pain in the posterior – and it is the outlining once again which is holding up my brothers present, all the stitching is done apart from the outlining. My brother’s present is actually the design of the bookmark I bought but I’ve had to improvise the aida band out of the materials I have to hand. I had planned to put a picture of it up here and do all my cross stitch presents in one go but I’ve just discovered I haven’t photographed it yet.

Neither did I photograph what in the end was probably the best bit of stitching I did last year, a small piece for my brother’s birthday card, it was a green squared design with an interlinked cross in the middle. The other card I made was for a secret santa. It was a celtic knot and is badly photographed hereThe final 2 bits of stitching have still to be sent out, one of which I am working on at the moment and I’m getting a big kick out of the colour combinations on this one…so I guess there will be another cross stitch post for these and my brother’s present.

A big “thank you” to Mum who has donated all her silks and cross stitch bits and pieces, it does come with a proviso though and it is a really big proviso as she has finally found the japanese lady cross stitch kit and it is really rather big and possibly out of the competence of a beginner such as me !


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2 thoughts on “FOs: Under the spell of Stitchcraft

  1. Love the eagle, it’s brilliant!

  2. You only need to the Japanese lady if you want to and it is for you to keep anyway as I know you love Japanese things.

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