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On monday night there was a little piece of perfection on my needles, it was lovely and small and the stitches were lovely and even and smooth and perfect…such a welcome relief after the bumpy unevenness of Julia’s cardigan. Oh I am calm about the cardigan now, I’m sure it will turn out better than I’ve feared, once its been washed, but it was so nice to have even stitching without having to wash something first.

Why was it so even ? Because it was knit in the round. Having been reading up about it, it seems that its not unusual for a knitters purl tension to be different to her knit tension which means there can be a tendency for stocking stitch to be slightly uneven because of the mixture of knit and purl, something that is exaserbated with the cardigan as it is 100% rib. When you knit in the round you of course only ever knit if you are doing stocking stitch, you never purl !

I have been good and stuck to my self imposed rules. I ended up doing 3 days on Julia’s cardigan. The bootees await a bit of elastic, the earrings can now be put together as I’ve bought the missing fixings, the basic icon doll is made up but probably won’t become an actual icon as I’ve accidently sewed a leg where an arm should be and vice versa…they look very similar when they are stuffed and waiting to be sewed…

Ed’s scarf and the Long Time bear are complete and await their new home.  The DNA scarf is over halfway now, and admittedly was taken to London on the train on friday when I should have been knitting the hoodie because it was easier as a travel project. I spent most of friday night and some of saturday knitting the hoodie and I am now up to the armholes on the front.

I’m giving myself another week to try and get as much done as possible on these and then I will need to take a break as I have signed up for a couple of swaps which need some attention and thought… and if I learned anything over christmas its that if you try and do too much then it all ends up looking a bit wonky !


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