Being Frank…

Accepting my failings



I have been a bad girl…not only have I neglected the Wips this week but I’ve been shopping…

You see I  signed up for a swap, 2 in fact if you count the scarf. I don’t do swaps very often…much as I enjoy getting post and trying to find something that might make my fellow swapee smile or make them happy I do find deadlines quite stressful trying to fit the making in round work and home life and the travelling and something usually has to give…but then sacrificing the housework is not too much of a hardship !

I am not breaking the rules of my self imposed game though as the get out clause was “apart from things required for swaps, I won’t start anything new unless I’ve finished a pair of wips”. The other get out clause on the shopping ban was that I wouldn’t buy anything new except that required for swaps and I may have ever so slightly breached that…

On the swap front I am frantically trying to get my parcel together for Domesticali’s “7 days of specialness” a little unsecret swap designed to brighten up the dull grey days of february. My partner for this is Diane of the Pebble Dash Blog and being vastly impressed and a bit scared by her crafty skills I’m sticking to the stuff I know (so no fabric will be abused by me and my sewing machine in the course of this swap !) and feel safe with…!

The other swap is a whole scarf exchange through the travelling scarf group on Ravelry…incidently apparently our travelling scarves were featured in Yarn Forward this month…that one is a secret swap so apart from saying I’ve been swatching I can’t say anymore.

But to get back to the sinning, the bad act took place in John Lewis (as usual). I’d gone in to acquire some yarn for swaps and then as I got to the check out I got led astray by some 4ply Rowan Tweed at £1.99 per ball – I have 15 balls of it and no idea what to use it for (at the moment)…oh yes, and its black…but it does have colourful flecks in it…

I have been a bad bad girl. I must spend more time on the WIPs to make up for it !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. The occasional crafty shopping is good for the soul. I’ve just been naughty and preordered £20 worth of fat quarters of the new V&A limited edition fabric. I justified it in that it’s limited edition and so darn nice. I’m already planning on how I can eke out the tiniest bits of fat quarter into everything!

  2. I can assure you you have no need to be scared by any crafty skills. The fun is in the making and the connecting.

    I’m a great one for acquiring things for my stash of crafty goodies. Even more so when I’m meant to be finishing things I’ve already started. Unfinished christmas presents, anyone?

  3. Pebbledash – I adore your little notebooks – they are a thing of beauty and skill

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