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I was asked the other day “why is your blog called ‘Being Frank’ when your wordpress url is ‘nuzzle’ ?” Good question.

The answer partly involves children’s television, my next door neighbour, the most wonderful experience in the world (depending on your point of view) and the most wonderful yarn imaginable….

My son is almost 5 years old. He wakes early at the weekend and wants company. I am very grouchy in the morning so as a compromise we spend saturday and sunday mornings together watching television in companionable silence (until he gets bored, but by then I’m several cups of tea to the good and can fake “perky”). His poison of choice is CBBeebies who for quite awhile featured a couple of Alpacas called “Nuzzle and Scratch”. Spider was quite keen on these 2 and would drop everything to watch them – these days are long gone, he considers himself far too sophisticated these days and has taken me through the BBC website telling me what he’s grown out of “I’m too old for talking trains Mummy” (but still won’t miss chuggington).

I have a thing about Alpacas…especially knitting with their fur…fortunately we live down the road from an Alpaca farm so I can get my fix quite regularly. They have also started selling yarn which is as far as “air miles” are concerned are definitely worth it for me, it’s collected in Rugby and spun in Banbury before being sold in Rugby…my other obsession Noro is Japanese…

“So that explains Nuzzle, but who or what is Frank ?”

Frank is a small person whose birth I was very fortunate to be present at and I have to say that childbirth is definitely the most amazing experience you can go through as long as you are not the one giving birth !!! Spider’s birth probably was amazing but it was a rather fraught experience which I have chosen to forget the details of…the boy (Spider) himself is of course a miracle (and a monster despite the angelic smile and winning ways).

Frank is the blue eyed boy not quite next door who was born 2 doors away in an upstairs bedroom at 2 minutes to midnight with me the one on the phone to the midwife watching him simply pop out (Spider= 11 hours active labour, 2 days of non active labour, plus some other unpleasant details). Being Frank, when I started this blog was a nice thing to be because life is pretty simple for a new born…whereas a frazzled full time commuting lawyer with a 3 year old was not quite such a nice thing to be.

…and of course I liked the play on words, I do tend to be a bit more pointed on here than on Appetite…and its a slight nod in the direction of Elizabeth Zimmerman and “The Opinionated Knitter”…was surprised the other day to discover she was a brit.

Anyway, this is what the best dressed small boy (Frank) in the village is wearing at the moment(yarn Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK (john lewis odment), pattern Toddle (wee Sophisticate) – I left out the keyhole though as I was worried about risk of strangling)

Four year olds however have ideas about what they want to wear and what colours and the results are not always something to feel proud to have made…nope turns out I was so unimpressed with the last scarf for Spider that I didn’t even photograph it (it was orange and blue).


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