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I have claimed to have finished two of the WIP’s that were left over from 2009 but neglected to provide evidence (sorry I’m speaking like a lawyer today, it was a hard day at work).

(note this post was longer, but my laptop closed down half way through before I had saved the draft and I’m not in the mood to write it all again)

The bear will have a special post later in the year when we have managed to take the photographs – he’s down for a special fashion shoot when the weather improves. In the meantime let me introduce you to a stripey scarf…or is it ?

My friend Ed used to be a vampire…actually he used to be a LARPer which I think is how he and Husband came to be friends…the main thing about Ed though is he has just had a birthday and its been cold…ideal conditions for knitting a scarf I think !Yarn: 1 x sirdar clix in purple, 1 x Patons smoothie black

Needles: 4mm

Pattern: Shadow of the Bat

New: Illusion knitting

The look of this scarf changes depending on how you look at it, from one direction it’s just stripes but if you get the light right then its a chain of bats…I also like the fact the 2 yarns make an interesting ridge type effect.


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