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Had a few problems posting as did my fellow swapee so we have agreed to start shortly when both parcels have reached their destination… I am so looking forward to the knock of the postman. I find February the hardest month it is such relenting greyness.

However, if you look hard enough you can find reasons to be cheerful…I used to think that spring started with the appearance at the end of April of bluebells, I’d spot my first bluebell wood of the year and do the dance of happiness…then when I moved to Cardiff I discovered the joy of Daffodils, for me spring started on the 1st March, a mad blast of screaming yellow and bright bright green against bluest of blue skies…Cardiff Blue.

A few years ago when I was waiting and waiting and waiting for life to begin, a new little wonderful life to begin, I discovered snowdrops, a reason for hope in greyest, coldest, miserablest dull dull dull February…and now I celebrate snowdrops and start to smile when I see them forcing themselves out of a cold hard ground.

I know that they are out down south, but we’re still waiting up here…so until it warms up  a bit more here in the midlands  I shall look forward to the postman’s knock.

(Spider narrowly avoided being called snowdrop by virtue of arriving into our lives as a boy, such is the passion with which I embraced the snowdrop in the days before his birth !!!)


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