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A chilli start :Day 1


Today I was meant to be at a planning hearing but due to a combination of circumstances including finding out at the last moment that I had the location wrong (having previously checked with a lovely local the closest car park…and yarn shop) I ended up working from home.

I was feeling pretty low to tell you the truth, it had just started to snow and then “knock knock”. The postman ! (Post lady actually) and it is here, my special delivery specialness parcel from Divine Diana (PebbleDash)…and here they are, a colourful array of specialness…photo taken on the window cill to make the most of the light…each parcel beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, waxed paper and a lovely silver sealI feel a very lucky girl…I love chocolate…especially dark chocolate…especially when its a brand I’ve been meaning to try…and even more when I know I won’t have to share it with anyone…

The rest of the day was a bit mixed, someone we asked some time ago to fix a tile on the roof suddenly turned up out of the blue which was an “up” but the “down” was that someone confirmed that Henry the worlds softest tom cat might have ended up under the wheels of a car…it is sad news but I prefer to know what happened.


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “A chilli start :Day 1

  1. Hi Pennie,

    So sorry about Henry, what sad news.

    My yellow day today was genius!! I would never have thought of doing that. Thank you! Yum yum!

    D x

  2. Oh no, doubly so, I’m so sorry about your cat!

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