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FO river or wave


I made this !and then I gave it away…it was hard because I actually quite liked this…I am so glad though that its new owner likes it… unblocked it is like the sea, an angry sea with waves crashing on the shore (its a blue grey in colour) but blocked it is as calm and unending as a river…

Pattern: Ariel

Needles: 4mm

Yarn: Rowan RYC wool silk DY

New: Nothing really, except its the first time blocking has made a striking difference

This is one of the 2 new things I made to give away, within the rules of the game…I have since then been shamelessly breaking the rules with 2 small birthday presents for Spider…I had to as I spent the whole weekend away in York with the Water Aid sweater and I really really needed  a break !


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “FO river or wave

  1. I hopped over here from Pebbledash. That is absolutely beautiful – I love the way the pattern mimics woven cloth.

    Your idea for sending Diana the ingredients for muffins was inspired.

  2. Lovely! You’re so talented. I’m near Leamington as well. I shall stop by again.

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