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I’ve really enjoyed the “Seven Days of Specialness” swap. My partner was truly fabulous and gave me some lovely lovely things, which I will post about later when I get the chance to take some more pictures…unfortunately time and light have not been with me so here’s something I made previously and once again, gave away…I don’t as yet have a picture of what I was sent in return but its keeping me very warm in this sudden snow fall that has engulfed the midlands today…

pattern: Peaks Island Hood (its a very very long scarf with an extra “hood”

Yarn: Rowan pure Aran (100% wool) (2.5 skeins)

Needles: 6 mm

I was a very good girl for once, I swatched and I measured and I swatched and swatched again. It also took me a long time to get going as the “shell” pattern is very difficult to get right, fortunately there are lots of helpful people on Ravelry who have already made it and can explain what the pattern means !

The moss stitch (seed stitch) is quite challenging because there is so much of it – if you lose concentration you can suddenly find out you’ve started ribbing instead of doing moss stitch.

I am planning to do this again before the end of the year…my knitting year runs to the chinese new year as its now just under a year since I started knitting again…

Hopefully the scarf is doing a good job in its new home in Scotland to keep its new owner warm.

Forgot to mention, the yarn is a very peculiar colour. It is called “pepper” and does in some lights look beige, but in the shop it looked dark grey and outside in daylight it appears light grey with a hint of lilac…


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