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Day 3-5: Assortment of goodies

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I am in awe of Diana’s notebooks, many of which are made from reclaimed/recycled materials. I was very excited on day 4 to find one made specially for me and with a fern on it which reminded me of my honeymoon (NZ) -I’ve had to fight Spider for it as he seems to believe that all paper that comes into this house is destined for him.Pictured here also are some local cornish made soap and some fabulous Burt’s Bees lip balm (absolutely essential with all this cold weather we’ve been having).

On day 5 I received 3 little packets collected whilst beach combing…I’ve always loved sea washed glass. Perfect choice !Must keep these away from Spider, he loves it when we go collecting things from the seaside…and sometimes his collections get washing machined as I haven’t yet got into the automatic habit of checking his pockets for little boy collections. These are going somewhere safe though, cos these are for me !


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