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Snow Days

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I am not very good at “playing” with Spider. He is a different sort of child to how I was at his age. He is very much a rufty tufty boy who likes company, he likes playing with people whereas I usually had my head in a book, liked being on my own and lived very much in an imaginary world making stories about dolls or cuddly toys.

If I’m in the room then Spider wants me to play with him…if there is no one in the room then he will lose himself in his own imaginary playmobile world.

I am trying to make more of an effort to do things with him and on Friday I took a snow day off work as it was also half term. We read Hiccup Horrendous Haddock books together, he directed me on how to play with playmobil and we did try to do some things together…his best friend/girlfriend the Flapjack princess has a birthday this week so we made golden syrup muffins (for us)…we played with kitchen science and made bath bombs which look a bit like marshmallows and need a tad more oil so that they are less crumblyoh and we made a pair of Grumpasaurus...the green one was originally for Spider but he insisted that FP should have one in pink and I was to give the green one to her little brother, oh and make some more for me mummy in orange and blue…”Fortunately for him I am trying to concentrate on things for him over the next 3 weeks as I’m hoping to have a lot of things ready for his birthday – I’ve sort of neglected him over christmas, he’s been rather upset that I’m making all these things as presents yet none of them have been for him…I have however been storing up all his hints and likes and I think he’ll be a very happy 5 year old shortly !


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