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I’m bored, so so bored

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I have been spending most of my knitting moments with the orange cardigan. I knitted all the time we were in York, I knitted it all the following week…I then had a serious bit of a wobble and knitted a hat for a teddy bear ( meant to be for a 5 year old) a grumpasaurus and made a start on my first sock…

As I may have mentioned my knitting year runs from the middle of February (chinese new year). My new years resolution is to get more colour in my life but as far as knitting goes I wanted to try and understand the fascination with socks by actually knitting some, I also hope to give crochet another go.  Carrying on from last year is the resolution not to have quite so many things on the go but before I can make good on that one I have to try and finish some of last years projects off…so it was back to the orange 4 ply on the 3.25mm…I am on the back…it goes on for ever…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

One thought on “I’m bored, so so bored

  1. Socks are truly wonderful – just wait until you wear them and then the addiction will kick in. They’re also incredibly portable and easy train knitting should you need any further persuasion! Thank you for the congratulations on our little one, we are both thrilled and really enjoyed getting to meet lots of lovely new blogs and the people behind them as an extra treat.

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