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World Book Day, I’ve got nothing to wear

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I am not sure whether yesterday was world book day or whether it was today. The school celebrated it yesterday and allowed the children to come dressed as a “character”. Spider likes having stories read to him but is also very into his none fiction so it was no surprise that when asked he opted to be a Roman “what sort of Roman ?” “A legionary”

Hmmm, legionary is not as easy as wrapping him up in a sheet and claiming he’s wearing a toga, but then its a bit cold for a toga and at least if he’s wearing armour he can wear proper clothes underneath…except that on tuesday night Husband turned round and insisted that if he was going as a Roman legionary it should look authentic…

So he went as Harry, because it’s much easier to stick 5 dinosaurs in a bucket then it is to get nifty with cardboard you don’t have (recycled) and a load of gaffer tape strips…and I’d been lawyer on tour so wasn’t in the mood to get arts and crafty.

As for me, well I’m going on a date and I’ve been invited to a wedding and guess what “I’ve got nothing to wear !”. No, come back it’s true ! Yes I know all women claim they have nothing to wear but everyone who knows me will tell you its true. My friend KTCupcake once threatened to do a Trinny and Suzanna on me, until it was pointed out that if we did throw away all the clothes that didn’t suit me there would be nothing left as I had so few clothes to begin with !

So how to get better clothes without the trauma of shopping ?  Oh and in case you are wondering about the date, it is with Husband, its just we so rarely get an evening out alone is definately a “date” and not simply going out for the evening (Thank you, thank you Mum !!!)

I have been toying with the idea of doing a sew along using this book here except my sewing is very rudimentary and well they are starting with a skirt that’s slightly more fitted than I’m ready for yet (I’m still feeling fat) so I thought I know, I’ll try a circle skirt instead from Sew What Skirts except the only bit of cloth I have enough of is black with white dots and sends your eyes screwy… so maybe I could use that as a lining and make a bustle skirt (the pattern was in an issue of Sew Hip a few months ago)…

Wish me luck…won’t have it done in time for the date but the wedding is not until September


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One thought on “World Book Day, I’ve got nothing to wear

  1. dunno anything dont even b a character jus b some1 in tracy beaker so u can jus wear normal clothes

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