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Chicken Soup for Breakfast


So there we were, Friday night at Warwick Arts Centre on out Hot Date, just us 2 and of course a theatre hall full of other people enjoying the spectacle that is the Kodo drummers…and it was good. Husband and I enjoying ourselves, together…

And then during the second number an extraordinary thing happened, I started crying and couldn’t stop and I don’t know whether it was because I was in awe of the speed and amazing skill of these japanese drummers or whether squinting against the light in contact lenses was making my eyes water or whether it was just a feeling of emotional release after a very stressful day at work [like a lot of public sector organisations we will experience change soon, it’s just a matter of when and how drastic and earlier that day I’d just discovered that head office had employed a non lawyer recently in a position called “change manager”] but there I was in absolute floods…and then suddenly I stopped crying, with as little warning as when I started.

The interval came. I had a G&T, after all it was friday night and this was a date…and then I went very very cold, and then very very hot, my head throbbed, I had pains all through my body and I had to get out. I stumbled to the ladies, looked in the mirror and my face was graveyard white…something was going very wrong with my body… and that was it for the evening. Husband took me home and put me to bed…and that’s where I stayed for most of the weekend…sleeping.

Periodically I’d get up and do something but then find I had to go back to rest pretty quickly…even knitting tired me out…eating made me queasy and I hardly had anything until sunday when I figured that if I could get anything down I should try something more than just cereal.

Been at work today, wouldn’t you know it I feel well now that the weekend is over…but I’m now up against a deadline of a 5th birthday, with cake still to make.

No idea what was wrong but it’s gone, a sort of 36 hour ‘flu…


Author: 5currantbuns

Cake Baker

3 thoughts on “Chicken Soup for Breakfast

  1. You poor soul, sounds horrible. Shame it was at the weekend too.
    Have a great week!

  2. Yeugh, that sounds horrible! I’m glad you feel better now. I hope your job is safe.

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