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Did you hear that ? “Wooosh” there it goes again. That is the sound of deadlines flying over my head and me failing to hit them…

Having spent christmas concentrating on making things as presents for people  I thought I’d spend some of the little spare time I have making presents for Spider who was neglected over christmas…I’d carefully noted down everything he’d been dropping hints about and at the end of January set about trying to make sure I did everything he’d asked for…

Things started off well. I spent ages trying to find a white wool that felted and in the end went down the “wash it flitz it” route in order to meet the “can you knit me a pirate hat mummy ?” request. Only the shop didn’t have any black so in a rush I bought some Rowan Aran and with 10 days to go I was able to put the finished item in the wash to felt it – only it didn’t. It didn’t at 40 deg, it didn’t at 90 deg for 2 hours…it was then I discovered that actually Rowan do make some superwash yarns and yep, the Aran was one of them 😦 Bit of an expensive mistake…

By last weekend I had most of the bits for a pterodactyl waiting to be made up and the bits for 1 grumpasaurus plus the material for a marble bag. Then I came down with a 36 hour ‘flu. I recovered from that and started making up the pterodactyl to discover that the never ending bag of toy stuffing I bought 10 years ago was actually ending…that was tuesday night.

Wednesday I had a meeting in London, so I could at least top up on the toy stuffing by visiting Craft making nirvana otherwise known as John Lewis on Oxford street, but no they had no stuffing – fortunately when I got home I remembered over buying some wadding when I made that cat teacosy so I canabalised that and started stuffing the pterydactyl and the grumpasaurs…

Thursday at work we received a pre-action letter for a judicial review (for those who don’t work for public sector organisations, trust me this is a serious  matter leading to lots of hard work for lawyers) and after that life started going downhill and on thursday evening I realised that I could meet my deadlines and do a really bad job or I could apologise to Spider and let him have things as and when I finished them looking at least reasonable and likely to last the day…so I opted for the latter route and am hoping to give him his remaining birthday presents round about this time next month…

His cake went well though…and his party was over and above fabulous…

ps apologies to my sister in law, I didn’t forget your birthday, I have remembered it, I just haven’t had a chance to pass a post office as I’ve been caught up in the whole missing deadlines thing…besides don’t think my present will compare with Heston’s pea and ham soup !


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