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Last Night


Last night I was mostly knitting a sock. Well I said I’d try sock knitting this year and I’d like to be able to say that I was inspired by this think of beauty (well for a sock it’s quite beautiful) but the honest truth is that I did dip my toe into the sock pool last month as an antidote to too much orange 4ply (I bought the 2.5m dpns during the York weekend)…

And I must admit that my sock is a thing of beauty (no pics yet, you’ll understand why in a minute). It is soft and squishy and lovely even stitching (except for the errors in pattern) but…

But I am not sure I will ever wear it…in fact at the moment I cannot wear it as I can’t even get a toe into it as I was in too much of a hurry to teach myself the super stretchy bind off and just did my usual bind off and of course it is too tight. I may knit it back a few rows and do the correct bind off and then again I might not, and I might not bother making the second sock either.

You see, although it was fun to make, I’m not sure handmade socks fit into my way of life. I fear that they will need hand washing. I don’t do a lot of hand washing. I hate doing the laundry as it is and I worry that they won’t stand up to, well the life of a sock…I really don’t want to have to live through the heartbreak of something I’ve knitted wearing through and unravelling…yes I know you can fix holes, but we all know I’d leave the darning until it was too late.

So that leaves socks for presents, and that gives me the same problem as I don’t think anyone I know would appreciate a handknit sock, they would fear as I do that it would need to be handwashed, they’d worry about the wearability and I would worry that they would just see as the “socks for christmas” stereotype and inwardly groan when they unwrap it…

But it is quite pretty (its straight black) and I can understand how sock knitting can be addictive, but I am not a knitter for the sake of knitting, I’ve always appreciated the practical element of knitting, that you are creating something that can be both beautiful and practical at the same time…

But I will reserve my Judgment – after all there is little you can do with 1 sock, especially when its one you can’t actually get onto your foot !


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Don’t give up on the wonders of the handknit sock just yet!

    First of all, the bind off: If you were doing toe up socks, either EZ’s sewn bind off or the wonderful super stretchy bind off that was in Knitty recently are brilliant and easy. I prefer the Knitty one at the moment and I promise you you will pick it up in about a minute. All it really boils down to is doing a yarn over before each stitch is cast off – easy as pie.

    Now for the washing. At a conservative estimate I have knit somewhere getting on for 100 pairs of socks (I think). Many have been presents but most stayed in my home and H wears handknit socks almost every day. There are five pairs in all of those that need handwashing (alpaca content or handspun yarn). The rest of them go in my machine on the 40 degree wool cycle and the only pair I have ever known to felt were accidentally washed by my mother on a 60 degree superwash cycle. Superwash sock yarn is a very wonderful thing!

  2. PS I forgot to mention the darning – the only pair ever to need it was a pair we gave to my Mother in Law who wore that one pair just about every night after her bath instead of slippers. It took her a year and a half to wear out the heel because she forgot to tell her son how much she liked them to ensure more socks (she has plenty now). The yarn was also Colinette Jitterbug which has no nylon.

    I’m such a little sock pusher – I’ll be quiet and good now!

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