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How to make a marble bag


There are photos to this, I will add them later

1. Iron your material Frantically search the house from top to bottom eventually find your iron at the bottom of the linen basket under some towels. Iron your material and then cut 2 squares approx 17.5cm x 25cm  (after repeating previous frantic search for iron with search for scissors instead).

2. Whilst iron is out iron strip of interfacing (length and height of strip depends on how big you want your letters) onto the back of some contrasting material.

3 Draw your required letters onto interfacing.

4 Redraw letters onto interfacing having realised they need to be mirror image as it’s the contrast colour that will be uppermost

5 Attempt to thread sewing machine. Realise that the thread you bought is still at the bottom of the paper bag that you chucked in the bin after removing the wool you used earlier in the week. Thank the gods that you are a very lax housewife and the bag is in the wastepaper basket in the living room that hasn’t been emptied for 3 weeks

6 Successfully thread sewing machine. Unthread sewing machine on realising you have forgotten to wind the bobbin. Take usual childish pleasure in seeing the bobbin fill up with thread. Rethread sewing machine and insert bobbin.

7 30 minute interval here whilst you untangle the thread that has got wrapped around the bobbin when you tried to draw the bobbin thread up to meet the needle (curse yourself in several languages for not having had the machine service as you promised yourself last time you used it and suffered the same fate)

8 Sew the 2 long sides of the bag together and the short side leaving a 5 cm gap at the top of each long side as this will need folding over to create the cord sleeve.

9 Realise you should have sewed the letters onto the front of the bag first as its going to be slightly more difficult to manoeuvre now it’s been joined together.

10 Opt for fabric glue instead – slight delay caused by frantic searching etc etc finding item in highly improbable place. Further delay as mouth of glue as usual congested with set glue…glue letters and seal with iron. Sewing round letters to ensure they stay on/look decorative entirely optional and dependent on state of temper and rapidly diminishing enthusiasm

11 Turn over top 2.5cm of the bag so that the original top edge of the bag is now inside. Sew all the way round that top edge except for 1cm either side of one of the long sides so that you have a casing strip with an opening to insert cord.

12 Realise you actually have no suitable cord so set to with crochet hook making long chain of stitches. Fasten off and insert cord into casing. Join two ends of cord with a knot…

13 If you can still be bothered, fill bag with marbles and hang on small persons door handle for them to discover when they wake up next morning

14 Complain long and loudly all the next week about marbles being left all over the floor…

#sir’s comment this evening was “Mummy, can you line it in blue”…some people are never satisfied…and some people are such mugs that they will alter it…


Author: 5currantbuns

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4 thoughts on “How to make a marble bag

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  2. Thank you for this humorous, but realistic approach to creating a marble bag. This is exactly what I needed and suits me perfectly.

  3. An update: I did not have any fabric remnants lying about, and as I wanted to give marbles to our daughters’ friends as well so they would have friends to play marbles with, I purchased 2 fat quarters at the local fabric store (one for girls and one for the boys). This provided complementary fabrics in various styles to choose from. The quarter folds also happened to be the perfect size to cut along to make the bags. I also purchased shoe laces to make threading through easier, though I am certain ribbon would have worked nicely. As this fabric was non-directional, after applying the initial with the fusable web and whip-stitching, I inverted, ironed, pinned, and sewed entirely up one side, cut the bottom except for the stitches, folded down the top down twice and sewed all the way across (backstitching) to leave the gap for the cinch. I then stitched from the bottom of the cinch area down the side and across the bottom. Added the cinch string and it worked perfectly. I got lots of kisses for this. The girls are so excited and looking forward to making them themselves for their friends. Thanks for the help and encouragement! (Note: my sewing machine is not functioning at this time, so this is a handsewing project for us.)

  4. Fantastic, happy (and slightly surprised) that my little bit of silliness worked for you…it is amazing though how much fun and delight a small bag of marbles can give to children though…

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