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I had hoped to have been able to post another FO before the end of the week but due to my own ineptitude it is not to be.

I have had, possibly about a month of just not getting things quite right. First of all there was the non felting wool debacle. Then there was me running out of horrible green furry wool when I only had a leg of a pterodactyl to knit.

Well since then I have failed to bind off a sock correctly and run out of cotton on Spider’s hoodie with, can you believe it half a row and a bind off to do ! And finally there was an instance of colour blindness.

I’ve had a black sweater almost finished for 6 months now, just need to knit half a front, but because I’d decided to lengthen the back I knew that I’d probably need an extra ball to finish the sweater off and I’d been dithering between frogging the back and reknitting it shorter or buying an extra ball and frogging the front (so that the new ball was below eyeline for colour matching reasons) and reknitting.

At some point over the last month I’d finally remembered to pick an extra ball up in John Lewis and on tuesday night I happily frogged the front and knit up the first 6 rows in this new yarn only to discover when waiting for a colleague at a train station, sitting in good light that I’d actually picked up a ball of navy blue and not black.

I was not, as you can imagine, a happy bunny…however I am hoping that I am through my run of bad luck as

1) on getting home I discovered that in yesterday’s post, the cotton to finish the hoodie had arrived

2) Thanks to a clear explanation from an independent expert sock consultant I have now managed to do a stretchy bind off on the sock (now teaching myself magic loop cast on)

3) The pterodactyl is finished and I’ve almost sorted out his floppy neck problem (hmm didn’t mention that) with some extra stuffing

However I played it safe last night and just sat there doing k2 p2 rib on Julia’s sweater and a shawl (started last april)

So maybe I will post some pictures at the weekend


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Cake Baker

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