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 I have been feeling mildly down in the dumps since Christmas. In fact I have been feeling fat, frumpy and 40…which is unfortunate because I’m not even 39 yet !

This feeling sort of explains why I haven’t posted on Appetite for Cake for almost 2 months – you see, I have lost interest in food and its nigh on impossible to write about food when you don’t find it interesting.

Anyway I have never seen the point in just moaning about things (it just bores the pants off your friends and makes them cross the road to avoid you) unless at some point you intend to take action and I am taking action.

I need to do a wardrobe renovation. But a fat girl in new clothes is still a fat girl (albeit hopefully a fabulous fat girl rather than a frump) so I will also be taking exercise (I have lost about a stone since Christmas from reducing alcohol intake).

First though I need to do some basic research and foundation work. So I have booked an appointment to have my colours read and following extensive nagging from Husband I’m going to get my bust properly measured confession: For at least 2 almost 3 years after Spider was born I was still using my maternity bras.

I’ve also thrown away most of my make up because apparently it does actually go off if you don’t use it within a reasonable space of time.

I am rebuilding myself a bit at a time, going for slow and gradual improvement and will reward exercise and weight loss with money spent on me.


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2 thoughts on “We have the technology

  1. With the risk of sounding all American “Yeah, you go girl!”. I need to loose weight and exercise more to, my wii fit mii (the little avatar that represents you on screen) is embaressing, as the blinking wii fit board weighs you first then ‘inflates’ your mii to an appropriate size. I’ve also embaressingly just bought my first pair of size 18 trousers, which is cringeworthy, although in my defence I think that says a lot about Gap’s increasingly skimpy sizing, as I still have some size 14 stuff in my wardrobe that just about fits.

    I’ve lost interest in food to, my food and craft blog is more just a craft blog these days, I have to say though, Sophie Dahl is inspiring me, her recipes aren’t exactly ‘health’ food but they’re not unhealthy either.

    Good luck!

  2. Many thanks ! Today was meant to be the first day of the exercise programme but its bucketing it down here so see what Good Friday brings instead !

    Lucky you with the size 14 – am sure the 18 is a temporary problem, for me it has definately been a wake up call, 18 is not a place I am happy being, despite accepting the fact that I do and always will have a big bottom !

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