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I have finally finished something. In fact I’ve had quite a productive day. Unfortunately the thing I’ve finished can’t be photographed as my model is being a bit of a diva and has walked off in a grump…I don’t blame him really as the hood of the hoodie has gone really quite weird and it needs frogging and reknitting, only at the moment I’m not sure how to fix the problem as this is the first hoodie I’ve ever done. Fortunately the hood bit is in one colour only and straight stocking stitch.

So instead, in view of the general grumpy mood in the household I give you some more grumpasaurs…these ones live here and are in Spider’s favourite colours

Apart from these guys and the hoodie I have a scarf blocking and some train time coming up so by the end of the week I should have all the remaining WIPs pretty much nailed apart from Julia’s orange Water Aid jumper (which has had some intensive knitting this weekend, so maybe the light at the end of that particular tunnel is coming).

To celebrate I have several things ready to go and all in lovely bright colours – its time to finally banish this long cold winter in a riot or multicoloured rainbows…incidently its going to snow on tuesday.


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