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Is it really spring?


Tuesday morning saw me standing  in an icy wind on the Edgeware Road and simultaneously wishing I’d brought a scarf with me whilst admiring the burnt orange creation wrapped around the neck of the woman in front of me wondering “did she make it herself and is that alpaca ?”

 Yeah, I know I should get out more but then I didn’t have anything more pleasant to distract myself with, you see I was on my way to our Legal Services Workshop which was due to conclude the following day with a 90 minute session from Human Resources on “taking advantage of change” – I work in the public sector, I know what “change” currently means in the public sector! All we did find out is that yes there will be cuts over and above simply having your pay frozen forever, but as yet they haven’t determine the who how what or why. What we actually got was a bit of fluffystuff about how different people react to change and a bit of Myers-Briggs analysis.

 So what was achieved over the last 2 days? Well I met up with some colleagues from other regions, learnt a bit about injunctions and ended up committing myself to making 2 more of the pirate tote bags for colleagues who on seeing me knitting during lunch hour commented on how much they’d liked the one I made for Porsche…the problem is I feel guilty in knitting for only 2 members of our business support when there are at least another 5 members of the team. The bag I made previously was actually a surprise birthday present – now I’m worried that I might hurt people’s feelings if I leave them out…perhaps I could make a big batch of egg cosies or something?

 (I know this is not really in line with my promise to myself to concentrate a bit more on knitting me things)

Oh, and I’ve finished the second sock, which mostly looks better than the first sock.

It turned out that I did have a scarf with me after all, as I’ve been carrying a long alpaca scarf around with me trying to get a day with good light to photograph it – but that can wait for another day


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6 thoughts on “Is it really spring?

  1. Glad to see you have been having some successes recently. Your brother wonders how his Christmas present is coming along 🙂 ?

    • I have messed up his christmas present big time… I am trying to decide whether it will be quicker to start again or whether it is possible to unstitch it and redo it…it is another one of those celtic knot work type things but with more colours and outlined in black… it is a dilemma

  2. If they don’t ask they won’t get, how about a forced perspective manhole with ladder knitter floor tile sized (~45cm square) to escape from awkward meetings along the lines of this

  3. Hurrah – another person who thinks it’s completely natural to combine knitting and injunctions. I once had a similar personality assasination type seminar where the teacher took one look at the way I was sitting and confidently (and correctly) predicted my results – clearly I read like a cheap novel! I love the grumpesaurus from the previous post by the way – are they your own invention?

    • No, not my pattern, you can either search Grumpasaurus on Rav or I think I refernced the pattern the first time I made them which is a post in February sometime (after 19th, not sure of actual date)

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