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FO: A reluctant hoodie

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Note to self: In future remember children don’t stop growing just because you find something more interesting to knit !

I started a hoodie for Spider last year round about this time of year in fact, I knitted it a size larger so that he’d get lots of wear out of this so that I wouldn’t feel quite so bad when the time came to pass it on to someone else. Unfortunately I then fell out of love with it the day that I finished the second sleeve, thought I’d got the colour sequence wrong and immediately frogged it…only to then realise I’d been holding it upside down. As a result it was left for rather a long time.

Spider was enthusiastic last year – this year I’ve had to bribe him (threaten actually) in order to get him to wear it just for modelling purposes and quite honestly I don’t blame him as the hood just doesn’t work. It didn’t work when it was smaller, it doesn’t work now that I’ve added 10 rows to make it fit in height as well as width.

Pattern: Waves Hoodie by Sasha Kagan

Needles: 3.75

Yarn: Patons Linen Touch (dark blue, light blue, aqua and lilac)

New: Fair Isle style colour work, I don’t normally carry my colours across

I like the pattern, it was quite easy to knit although quite fiddly. In the past I’d probably have had lots of little balls of each colour and just twisted each thread as I changed colour but on this occasion I followed the instructions in the pattern and carried the yarn across 3 stitches. It made the back look much neater and wasn’t quite so complicated.

What I got wrong Oh this is a long list. The first mistake was leaving it so long. As you can see my boy has grown and it is now a bit short in length. However cotton is meant to be grow a bit with washing and wearing so I have my fingers crossed. I also think the lilac was a mistake as it doesn’t stand out well against the light blue. Finally I’ve well and truly messed up the hood although I don’t know if that was totally me, the way the pattern is written means that you will end up with quite a big baggy hood at the back.

The yarn was “interesting” to knit with. Very similar to knitting with dishcloth cotton and I might use the leftovers for silly stocking fillers

I have plans to do another version of this (without all the colour changes)  and Spider has already chosen some cotton (in blue and orange) but I’m not going to  make a start on it until I have the time for a clear run at it plus some fiddling time to make the hood work. That won’t be until end of may at least as I need to mess around with swatches as despite the tension on the ball band being the same this new stuff is knitting up completely differently.

In case you are wondering why Spider gets to appear on here and pictures of me are always obscured, it’s because he is so much cuter than I am !


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One thought on “FO: A reluctant hoodie

  1. I think I’ll treat this as a cautionary tale when it comes to knitting for the bear! Maybe take the stitch pattern and apply it to a jumper that you know will work?

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