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FO: Not so brainless socks

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I did it ! I did it, I did it ! With some help from another blogger and passionate sock that’s the sock resolution met, now for crochet and just generally increasing the colour content of my knitting – as you can see these socks are a definite fail on the “more colour” front.

The details

Pattern: Brainless by Yarnissima

Needles: 2.5 dpns

Yarn: Regia silk (colour) 4ply

New: oh where do I start !  I made socks, so that’s a first, I made toe up socks, I attempted magic loop (for one) and I managed a stretchy cast off (twice).

The second sock is distinctly better than the first in technique but not such good quality in the yarn as this is its 3rd time at being knit up. The yarn was bought from a local shop last June back when I first decided that I would give sock knitting a go. I deliberately bought black as I didn’t want to get distracted from the experience/pleasure of the childish joy of watching the colours change and besides if they were black there was always the outside chance at the time that they would get worn…what’s that you say, knitting in black is a very good way of hiding errors ? yeah, you’re right was trying not to mention that, but there are a lot of errors so it’s a very good thing these socks are black.

So anyway, the yarn sat there for awhile until september when I decided to knit it up into a shawl for my staffordshire sister in law (as opposed to my other sister in law who can knit herself and therefore doesn’t get handknits forced upon her !), except I hit a serious error, frogged it and reknitted and then realised I’d need a lot more than 2 balls…after lots of internet searching I discovered that the only place selling that shade of black now was the local shop…which I no longer go to having waited 6 months for a yarn delivery or refund…so frogged again

I cast on for these socks shortly after our weekend in York, but used a cable cast on having forgotten to print off the instructions for a magic loop. The second one I did attempt magic loop but it’s seriously dodgy. The first sock is knit to the size as per instruction, the second one has an extra set of cable having realised that the first one was  a bit to snug.

Cabling throughout is a bit dodgy as the socks were a travel knit so lots of picking up putting down and forgetting the number of rounds I’d done. Both socks have an extra set of cabling up the side but still feel a bit short and sock one has slightly briefer cuff as I had to undo my original bind off and bind off again using the stretchy bind off as I couldn’t get it over my foot !

Been testing them over the last few days. They are very very soft and, whilst sat on the sofa,are very comfortable. They wash ok, and with a bit more washing the cuff should hopefully not look quite so untidy. There is an unfortunate ladder up sock one due to me using a stitch marker, sock 2 doesn’t have this fault as I counted stitches to remember the start of round instead.

I wore them out today (in boots) all the way round Avoncroft museum of buildings. I could “feel” the stitches underfoot, so not so smooth as my usual socks, they didn’t make my feet sweat but they did stretch with wear and started to feel baggy by the end of the day.

I am as yet undecided about socks…will see how they cope with washing and the fact that I walk round barefoot a lot…


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