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It was a grey day, worse it was a grey wet and cold day. The journey home felt longer than ever and it had been “one of those days” at work. I reached home feeling cold, despondent, blue and well, definitely down. But there on the bookcase waiting for me was an envelope with a cornwall postmark.

The lovely Diana from Pebbledash had sent me a flower, on a card. A lovely colourful flower to cut through the grey dullness of a winter that has gone on too long. It was a simple card just to say “thank you” for being her swap partner in February.

I get inordinately touched when someone says “thank you”. In my profession people don’t tend to say thank you very much…people tend to wish they didn’t have to come to us when they have a problem…but because people don’t say thank you to me very often I can sometimes me a bit slow to remember to say “thank you” myself and there are a number of people I’ve been meaning to thank myself and have been a bit forgetful of late.

So thank you to Ali for organising the swap. Thank you to Diana for some wonderful packages and for being such a lovely partner (the wrist warmers have had quite a lot of use during this sudden cold spell being both colourful and warm).

I mentioned previously that Diana was the first person who was not related to me who had ever knitted for me. Well until last Christmas I could honestly say that no one had knitted for me since I left home and then at Christmas I received 2 lovely knitted presents.

The first was a well chosen little luxury from my sister in law Islay. I mentioned  last year how much I liked this even though it was destined as a present in New Zealand so she made me this

I had in fact bought myself a further ball of Noro but Spider had appropriated it when I’d asked him to chose the yarn for a new hat and he’d ended up with thisSo we’ve both had Happy Warm Heads this winter – Thank you, thank you Islay.

But the biggest thank you goes to my Mum. My Mum who has given up knitting due to RSI. She spent the autumn secretly knitting a present for me, hiding it away whenever I came to call and giving absolutely no hint that she’d taken up her needles againThank you also Mum for the jumper you knitted for Spider. I apologise for my son’s bad manners but as you probably gathered from the previous post he is being a bit of a moody teenager at the moment…wish he had the teenage habit of sleeping in at the weekend !

I apologise also for bad photos but there is not a lot of light and too much rain in our corner of warwickshire at the moment.


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