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A shocking lack of support


This is a slightly more personal post than usual. I mentioned a week or so ago that I was going to attempt a bit of a make over of me, because, and lets not mince words here, I’m scruffy. But as part of this make over involves losing at least a stone in weight (already lost one since just before christmas) it doesn’t make economic sense to buy a whole set of new clothes. This is why I decided to do some basic groundwork first in order to make the most of what I already have.

The colour analysis has had to go on hold as we spent rather longer in IKEA on Good Friday than planned and also the car has just had a major service so money is a little tight this month. I would have held off on the Bra fitting too but Husband took me shopping today and refused to take me home again until I’d been measured. So I was, and then had to spend 40 minutes in Waterstones with the calming influence of books to try and reduce the hysteria.

I have spent most of my be-bosomed life thinking I was a 34c. It was not until I was pregnant with Spider that it was pointed out that I actually have a 35 inch chest and therefore fall between 36 and 34. I was measured twice in those 9 months, once at M&S (not impressed) and once in Debenhams (coventry) who actually took the time to explain where a bra is meant to fit and how to put a bra on (lean forward into it). When I was measured for the second time I was looking for a strapless bra to go under my wedding dress (discovering we were going to have a baby meant we had to bring the wedding forward by 6 months) and being rather pregnant at the time I wasn’t surprised to walk out of the shop with a 36F – and after I’d finished breast feeding when I’d finally thrown out my nursing bras (ok he was coming up to 3 by the time I actually got around to buying new bras) I ended up in a 36c

So, there was I this afternoon in Debenhams, Coventry, feeling happy that I perhaps wasn’t too far off the right bra, the assistant having just agreed with me that yes I was a 35 so could wear a 34 or a 36…and then she brought some in for me to try… they were 34FF !!!!

Anyway, after I got over the shock and had been comforted by Husband (“look at how much money you’ve saved, Jordan had to pay a fortune to get that size of cup !”) I came out with 4 bras and a free pair of undies…If I do manage to shift that extra weight over the next 12 month then when I go back and get measured I think I may opt for the 36 instead of the 34 as it is quite difficult to get nice bras in the larger cup sizes.

I will admit that it does make a real difference. My clothes are still shabby but do at least “hang” slightly better. I have made a start on getting rid of some of them, all the bleach splatted things have gone as have all the trousers with holes/broken zips and some of my knickers…I have realised though that I seem to have rather a lot of grey t-shirts…only 1 of which I remember buying.


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2 thoughts on “A shocking lack of support

  1. Aww you have my sympathy, you are still actually smaller than me though . . .

  2. I know the feeling – when I went to measured recently (by the lovely lady in John Lewis in Solihull who was fab) she took one look at me and said, no that’s definitely wrong before popping me up a band size and a couple of cup sizes – ah the joys of pregnancy! Lots more comfy though 🙂

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