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I was shocked at the end of March to discover that one of my friends had had a baby. I mean I knew she was pregnant but she wasn’t due until April which was ages away, 6 months at least,  so no need to buy a card or knit or anything right ? Wrong, those 6 months had flown by and April was only 2 days away…

Last year when I was first contemplating making socks I bought a book Cute Knits for Baby Feet. I thought I’d give it  a go but start small – and last year there was still the outside chance that not only would some of these fit Spider as “house socks” but he might actually wear them.

These caught my eyeI must admit I did have some misgivings even when I started, not about my abilities, I mean I should have done because these were only the second pair of socks I’d ever done and it’s not a straightforward pattern.  As I continued these misgivings grew…I should point out that I was making 0-3 months.

Now it’s not the size that I have a problem with, baby feet are this small. The white ones in the next picture are ones that used to fit SpiderLength wise its fine – it will fit a 0-3 month old foot. The first problem is that it is too long in the leg. Leg length in a baby sock is no bad thing, the best socks I ever came across were from Gap and they were long because you are meant to turn the cuff down and it has the effect of keeping the sock on the foot (unless the little darlings work out how to take it off). But you can’t turn a colourwork sock over because  of the carried yarn – it won’t, no matter how tidy your stitches, look right.  The pattern says knit 24 rounds for all sizes, so I reckon it will be ok with the larger sizes – I just don’t have enough sock experience to reduce the number of rounds without messing up the pattern.

But then we come to the second problem. Now I might not understand socks but I do understand colourwork and I do know about children’s feet. Small babies feet do not do what you want them to do they wriggle all over the place, and it would be very difficult to put this sock on a small foot without getting the toes caught up in the carried over threads.

So I’ve stopped at one sock. I think it will look cute as a card topper – unfortunately I can’t quite fit the first card topper into the sock…

I will hopefully get this in the post by Saturday – only 2 weeks later which is quite good for me…it would have been today, honest if I hadn’t received yet another letter from the next door neighbour’s solicitor…which kinda ruined the day, so we put it behind us until monday and went out and enjoyed the sunny day.


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