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This morning Spider and I were very very good and tidied up his half brother’s room.  Slight ulterior motive on my part as it’s where I keep my sewing machine, and part of my fear of my machine is related to the fact that I usually can’t find it as my work table is overflowing with junk – so I tidied my area and the “make and do drawers” and took a bin liner to the rest of the room.

As a reward to us both I took him to the cinema to see “How to Train Your Dragon” – this house is rather fond of the Hiccup books by Cressida Cowell and were looking forward to the film’s released until we realised that they’d completely abandoned the original plot…which we all thought was a travesty (at least Spider would have if he knew that word…although he does have a wide vocabulary)…we also have David Tennant (and my) versions clearly in our minds (DT does audiobooks, I read it for bedtime sometimes and do the “voices”).

I am glad that we went, as if you accept the film for what it is and forget about the books, then it is actually a very good film, and Leamington was only showing it in 3d which kinda blew us both away… in fact today was a really really good day in terms of being a parent we were really making a connection for once !

We took a slight detour to the library to return an overdue library book. I took several out, I was actually looking for sewing books as I’m feeling guilty at having a “fabric stash” (Stash to me is odments, leftovers – 3 metres is something that needs to be used) but they seemed to have hidden all the sewing books, never mind about the ones for beginners and I ended up getting 3 knitting books and  one about  creative crafts for children called “what shall we do today” which is a fabulous little book and there is loads and loads of good stuff in there that I want to do with Spider and what’s more he actually wants to do them too – now that’s a breakthrough !


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