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FO: The dna of friendship


Once upon a time there were 2 little girls, a brown haired girl and a blonde haired girl – they were the best of friends. Once upon a time there were 2 more little girls, also 1 blonde 1 brown haired, they too were the best of friends.  Each pair sat together, played games together and shared secrets.

One day the 2 blonde haired girls decided they wanted to be friends and sat together in class without a word to the other 2. The 2 brown haired girls were in shock, where had their playmates gone, why weren’t they talking to them anymore. Sadly, the brown haired girls sat together during class, during play at lunch…and then slowly they started to realise that they were actually having more fun together than they had before, and they became friends and stayed friends…for years…despite the separation of different schools, different universities and eventually different countries held together by a sense of humour and a love of pizza…

“Dr Wilf” is now in New Zealand teaching at a university there…communication between us is brief these days as we both have full time jobs and families and houses that need DIY but we do still email from time to time.

I started a scarf  for Wilf just before christmas but gave up when I remembered that she’d be more likely to be having a barbeque on christmas day than playing in the snow…good thing too as it took longer than expected to finish and I missed her birthday by over a month (almost 2 by the time I posted it).

pattern : DNA/Double Helix Scarf

yarn: Toft Alpaca 4ply (cream) (from seconds basket)

Needles: 3.25 mm (I think

New: cabling without a cable needle

It took a lot longer than I’d anticipated as the yarn was very thin, and quite splitty (well it was a seconds) a pain to knit with but being alpaca felt lovely 🙂 . Most people who have knitted this pattern tend to reduce the size of the border by either doing less seed stitch/moss stitch or not bothering with the side cable. If I did it again I think I probably would too, I’d also use DK rather than 4ply.

On the original pattern the neck section is knit plain, no cable and is slightly narrower, but I didn’t like the look of that so I just kept to the pattern and kept going until I ran out of wool (being a second it wasn’t as if I could get another ball to match)…it blocked a lot longer once I’d finished so it is now about 175cm in length, so should keep her warm.

I did make several mistakes in the pattern which you probably wouldn’t notice unless you had a Phd in genetics…as Dr Wilf does !


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Cake Baker

2 thoughts on “FO: The dna of friendship

  1. This is the most awesome scarf. Makes me want to learn to knit 🙂

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